A MAN harassed his former partner during a nine year relationship, including calling her 113 times and leaving 77 messages in just one day.

Bolton Magistrates' Court heard how Adam Wood could be aggressive and unpredictable and, on one occasion, offered to pay the child support he owed if she would have sex with him.

Wood, aged 33, of Barn Hill, Westhoughton, pleaded guilty to harassing his ex and was sentenced to a community order for 24 months, including 150 hours of unpaid work.

Robin Lynch, prosecuting, told the court how Wood had met the woman in 2010.

"The defendant's behaviour changed significantly after the birth of the first child," said Mr Lynch.

"He became aggressive, would smash furniture up, destroy her clothes etc.

"In 2013 she received injuries as a result of him pushing her head into a mirror."

Mr Lynch said they split up but got back together again in 2015 and, at first, his behaviour appeared to improve, but then deteriorated after the birth of a second child.

In November 2017 Wood was cautioned for assaulting her and they separated, but the woman claimed that Wood continued to be obstructive.

"He would demanded to see receipts for nursery invoices and other expenses," said Mr Lynch.

But the court heard that Wood's behaviour became worse after he learnt that she was in a new relationship.

When it was his turn to have the children he would cancel at the last minute or not be there when she arrived to drop them off.

On August 3 last year he made dozens of calls and left multiple messages for her.

"Some of those messages are saying he will make his CSA payments if the aggrieved would basically have some sexual contact with him," said Mr Lynch.

"Obviously that was refused."

In a victim statement the woman told the could that Wood's behaviour has impacted her mental health.

"I'm exhausted by it all," she stated.

Mr Lynch added: "She just wants the defendant to realise his behaviour towards her is not acceptable."

Wood represented himself in court and, in addition to the community sentence, which includes 15 days of rehabilitation activities and participation in a better relationships programme, a restraining order for two years was made banning him from contacting his former partner or going to near her home.