BRINGING a classic cult 80s film to the stage has its risks.

Expectations are high, fans of the film would be unforgiving and could a stage production do justice to, what many consider, a piece of cinematic history?

But Great Scott! the gamble has paid off in spectacular style.

The Bolton News:

Credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

Back to the Future Musical works, thanks to a fine cast, mind-blowing special effects, a great score – all of which serve to take the audience on a nostalgic ride back in time.

The world premiere took place on Wednesday and excitement started to build before theatre goers even stepped foot in Manchester’s Opera House with the iconic DeLorean time machine parked outside.

Not only was it a showstopping moment, but it served to show what the audience was set to experience – an exhilarating ride, with the production gaining speed throughout.

The production, was officially launched in front of those involved in the film and who played a leading part in bringing it to the stage.

The Bolton News:

Credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

The musical mirrors that of film, with a few tweaks here and there, including a dig at the world in the 21st century, which is both hilarious and poignant.

For those not familiar with the plot, the story tells the story of 80s teenager Marty McFly, who dreams of making it big in the world of music, who travels back in time in the DeLorean, created by his friend Doc Brown.

The cast portray the characters from the original film to a tee, much to delight of the audience.

For fans of the film, it is hard to imagine anyone other than Michael J Fox playing the part of Marty, but Olly Dobson pulls it off perfectly, charming, funny and instantly likeable.

Roger Bart steps into the shoes of Christopher Lloyd and more as the “mad scientist”.

While Hugh Coles as George McFly wins over the audience from the very first moment he walks on stage.

The Bolton News:

Credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes

There is no doubt that the special effects, recreating time travel on stage, are stunningly impressive but it is not at the expense at the rest of the musical, although be prepared to be wowed!!

The score gives a deeper insight into each character, more so than the film, and as well as original songs, there is of course the hit The Power of Love.

For those who love the film, this is a chance for them to feel as if they really are part of it, through the laughs, the songs and of course the special effects.

The show had hardly finished before people were on their feet to give the cast, crew and musicians a standing ovation.

This hugely enjoyable production is not just for those who remember and loved the film, it has brought the iconic story to a new generation - and taken theatre to a whole different level.

Back to the Future the Musical runs until May 17, so make like a tree and go see it!!