Bolton’s most expensive streets have been revealed in a new study.

Quick buying company Property Solvers took the average sold price from properties on streets across the postcode, tracking data from from HM Land Registry since 2015 to find where the highest - and lowest - priced homes are across the area.

The houses with the highest average prices were on Grange Road, in Bromley Cross, and Overhouses in Turton.

Grange Road had three properties sold from 2015 ­— these came at an average cost of £1,147,000.

Chorley New Road and Markland Hill also proved to be sought-after places to live, with both streets averaging house prices around £700,000.

On the other end of the scale, the street with the lowest average price came in at under £40,000.

Savick Avenue, off Bury Road in Breightmet, averaged £39,916 with three houses sold in the same timeframe.

Other streets where you can pick up a bargain, according to the study, included: Worcester Street in Little Lever, Starcliffe Street, in Moses Gate, and Lark street in Farnworth ­— which averaged between £46-47,000.

Commenting on the findings, Property Solvers co-founder said: “To keep the data less skewed, we only ranked the streets that had over three sales.

“It’s therefore worth noting that a 6-bed detached property on Red Bank, Bury sold for £1.8 million in April 2017.

“Another detached property on Victoria Road, Bolton sold for £1.35 million in July 2018 and there were a number of other sales over the £700,000 mark.

“At the other end of the market, there were properties that sold for £25,000 and under on Mossfield Court (BL1), Sharman Street (BL3) and Tottington Road (BL8).”