A QUIRKY gin firm is putting Bolton on the map, just one year after their incorporation.

The Bolton Gin Company started selling their products after registering as a limited business on March 8, 2019.

Since then, the group of friends have gone from strength to strength, with their products now being stocked in 35 bars.

Paul Welch, one of the people behind the inventive flavours, said: "It's been great fun, we've changed unbelievably in the last year but it's been great.

"We're in loads of bars and houses and people know about us and we have some great reviews.

"Our shop looks completely different too, we've added a wall and a door and we have new vinyl letters that spell out our name, people come in and if they've not been in since we opened they're very confused."

The firm, which started after the four friends had "one too many" beers at the Queen Anne, is based in the creative cluster in Hampson Street, Horwich.

Starting out with just a curtain separating the front of their shop from the background operations, the gang now have walls and a door to hide away their new products.

New infusions are the team's speciality, with the firm now offering 38 different flavours of gin.

The Bolton News:

Mr Welch added: "We've got salted caramel and black forest gateau, and more sensible flavours like blueberry.

"The ideas come from people asking if we do this, can we offer that, betting we can't do it, or us just wondering if we can.

"We really know what we're doing now and what we think will work.

"The label on the back of the bottles say that no tasters were harmed in the making of this product but that's a lie.

"Our tasters are all family, and there's nearly always a bit of harm, whether it's just a headache or asking someone to taste something they don't think they're going to like."

The firm is in the process of launching its first pink gin.

Northern Monkey were given a bottle of the new product, completely selling out in less than a night.

For more information on the flavours offered, or to get your hands on a bottle, head to theboltongincompany.co.uk.