Residents across the town have been taking part in a neighbourhood wide game of I-spy to help each other through the coronavirus.

With children having to stay at home as schools shut across the borough parents and children have been finding a way to keep themselves and their friends happy and entertained.

Rainbows have been appearing in windows over the last week after a social media post suggesting the decorations went viral.

People have been encouraged to display the colourful pictures in their windows to give children something to look out for when they go out for walks with their family.

Two Facebook groups have already been set up for people to share their designs and to give families something to look out for.

Chase the Rainbow and The Rainbow Rangers both have hundreds of members already with the activity sure to grow over the next few months.

Amy Hoole, who set up the Chase the Rainbow page, has been very pleased to the response to the page so far, saying: "It's really spreading a lot of joy at this difficult time."

The group describes the activity as: "A fun activity for children and families whilst having to stay at home or even for those who are still in school to do at weekends, children still need fresh air!"

Zoe Cardwell, who started the Rainbow Rangers page, also believes this nationwide campaign is a very positive one for families and children to follow.

She said: "I do believe that rainbows are a very positive image, showing children there are better times to come and we welcome them to get involved in Rainbow eye-spy whilst out and about."

Each page is growing in members and has a number of positive posts per day, with the recurring message of "we are all in this together" spurring the people on.

For more information about the campaign, search "The Rainbow Trail" online, or visit the Chase the Rainbow or Rainbow Rangers Facebook page.

We've printed a special rainbow in today's paper for youngsters to colour in.

Or if you haven't got paints and pens at home, we've got three different colour versions for you.

Download them here and then print them out and put them in your window.

rainbow designs.docx

And if you do go out for a walk to find rainbow pictures in windows near you, please remember the guidance is to stay two metres apart from anybody else going for a stroll.