An inquest into the death of a man who suffered with recurring mental health problems found he took his own life.

Gareth Lowden, 48, was found dead on June 9 at Blackrod Cricket Club, Bolton Coroners Court was told.

The inquest heard how Mr Lowden had struggled with mental health and alcohol problems for a number of years, including suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, culminating in at least four suicide attempts leading up to his death.

He had gone to the hospital on many occasions with suicidal thoughts, which most often occurred when he had been drinking heavily, the hearing was told.

Most recently, on the morning of June 2 last year Mr Lowden was found by passers-by, including an off duty police officer, up a tree with writing on himself.

He was taken to hospital under section 136 of the Mental Health Act where he could be controlled and monitored by health care professionals.

As he was heavily intoxicated he was not seen by a specialist doctor to be checked if he needed to be sectioned until past 9pm.

Dr Hayley Fearnhead, a speciality doctor from Greater Manchester Mental Health, who carried out the assessment, decided that once Mr Lowden has sobered up, he was remorseful for what he had done and knew where to get help.

This meant he was not eligible to be sectioned or receive home based treatment.

The family of Mr Lowden said they did not feel this was right due to his suicidal history. Dr Fearnhead said it was her professional opinion that he would get better.

Mr Lowden was found hanged with a near toxic blood alcohol level, at Blackrod Cricket Club, on June 9.

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