An electric pedal bike shop in Bolton is offering free bike servicing to NHS and other essential workers to help ease and de-stress their journey to work.

Ebike Capital, in Wigan Road, near Deane has made the announcement after only learning late on Monday night that they could keep their doors open during the coronavirus.

Nearly all non-essential shops, such as clothes shops, have been told that they must close their doors as the Prime Minister brought in stricter social distancing measures on Monday night.

However, shops that are providing an essential service to the general public, including car garages and bike maintenance shops, can stay open in order to keep the country moving during this period.

Ebike Capital told The Bolton News that any NHS and other essential workers can bring in their bikes and receive a silver servicing service on their bike free of charge.

A silver bike servicing includes gear adjusting and alignment, drivetrain lubrication, wheel straightening, hubs and rims checked for wear and damage, and full checks of the brakes.

This would usually cost a minimum of £49 but is now free for essential and NHS workers through this period.

There is also the offer of a free starter kit , including items such as a helmet, lights, locks and more, for those workers looking to buy a new bike to get to work if they don't currently own one.

Phil Wilkinson, the Store Manager and one of the mechanics at Ebike Capital, said they wanted to do all they could to help during this stressful period.

He said: "If someone is looking to get to work without using public transport, which we have been advised against doing, we don't want them to have to pay for them to get their bike up and running again.

"We want them to get their service for free.

"It may also encourage people to start cycling to work, which is a good thing regardless of the current situation.

"We want to help everybody out."

Ebike Capital sell electric push bikes, which unlike normal bikes, have a rechargeable motor in them which help people cycle further and for longer.

Mr Wilkinson said: "This is the way that the bike industry is going.

"People don't want to arrive in the work in the morning tired from their commute, or sweating a lot, an Ebike gets rid of these things.

"The people who have bought them already have come back to us and said how now instead of going out and riding ten miles and being tired they are riding 20.

"Some people are even saying they are doing 60 mile rides."

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