The country may be in lockdown because of coronavirus but life really does go on, and for some it's only just begun.

Meet all the Bolton babies who've chosen a rather interesting time to make their appearances into the world.

Most of them are yet to meet their wider families because of social distancing.

Alanah Crompton and Jordan Crompton welcomed baby Teddy on Wednesday 18th March. Alanah said: "We brought him home last Thursday, we didn’t want to have any visitors at the time because of the virus, obviously we were going to start having them but can’t anymore.

"It's been tough, grandparents want to have a cuddle, but it’s best for everyone’s health and safety.

"We managed to get some formula and nappies, people have been bringing round supplies. I did have trouble getting paracetamol as I had a c-section. We’ve got enough stuff in for now. He was 9Ibs and 3 ounces."

New mum Iana welcomed her new baby on 18 March and incvites anyone who's got name suggestsions. She said: "Meet baby no name as of yet, his last name is Lucas. We are in isolation because of his older sister's health conditions."

Edie Mae Davis was born on 11 March, her mum Jodi said: "It's so scary, he got here just before everything got serious. We were home a week and then we couldn't let people in the house.

"She's the first grandchild on my side of the family, we've been Facetiming so people can meet her. They say that children can't get it but its still scary.

"It was an absolute nightmare buying baby milk, we didn't panic buy at all so friends and family have had to help us out. Luckily we've got some in now."

Logan Robert Whittle made his arrival into the world on 18 March. His mum Sophie said: "It's difficult not going out and meeting the family, just a couple of hours before I gave birth they limited the number of people allowed on the ward which was a shock.

"We've got a family Whatsapp group so we share pictures and videos on there."