Local community groups are calling out for more volunteers to help those most vulnerable during this time of need.

Bolton CVS is working with the council and partners across the voluntary and community sector to ensure that support and services are made available to those who need it.

They are developing a list of people who are willing to help and support various services during the coronavirus.

They are looking for volunteers current and new to make sure the most vulnerable people in the community are protected.

This has come after the UK government announced that it is looking to shield the most at risk in society, such as the elderly, with the local community vital to this support.

Known as “Urgent Response Volunteers”, volunteers may never actually be called upon, but will be there when needed.

Tasks undertaken by these volunteers may include, staffing a phone line and taking calls from local residents, organising help and support for local residents, and signposting them to local services that may help them.

Urban Outreach is also working to be the food hub for Bolton.

They are also calling out for particular types of food, such as pasta and soup, to feed individuals and families in Bolton.

Dave Bagley, one of Urban Outreach's founders, told The Bolton News how impressed he has been with the community spirit already shown at this time.

He said: "If there's one thing Bolton does it's community.

"In any situation the people still look after one another.

"Even if it just starts with one person helping another, if everybody does that then eventually we have done it."

Urban Outreach, working with partners such as the council and Bolton CVS, have set up a food distribution centre at Trinity Retail Park, and are in need of donations now more than ever.

Mr Bagley said: "This now isn't just for people who have been unemployed for a while. it might be the self-employed who are now finding hard times or very recently unemployed.

"It's no longer about "food banks" but about everyone sharing during this time."

For more and to help, visit boltoncvs.org.uk