STAFF at Farnworth and Kearsley Foodbank have been left heartbroken after the site was burgled on Wednesday night.

The team discovered the crime when they went to open the centre yesterday morning.

A safe, £500 cash, a TV, and a DVD player were all taken by thieves, who also smashed the window of a fire door and shattered a door frame to gain entry.

Shaleen Robbins, one of the volunteers with the charity, said: "They've come in through one of our emergeny exits and then broken one of our fire door windows to get into the rest of the building.

"Then they've discovered where the office is and kicked the door in with such force the frame caved in.

"They've ripped the TV off the wall from a room where we hold toddler groups.

"We suspect they knew exactly what they were doing and were very organised and very strong."

No food was taken in the burglary, and police were on scene investigating into yesterday afternoon.

Mrs Robbins has praised officers for their quick response, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

She added: "The police have been amazing, they came about 10 minutes after we called them.

"It's still business as usual for us, people definitely need us so we were determined to stay open.

"It's heartbreaking but we have an amazing community around us and it's been incredible to see them come together to help us.

"We still have so much to be thankful for."

Cllr Paul Sanders, who represents the Farnworth ward, slammed the people who were responsible for the act.

He said: "This is a despicable act, made all the more evil at this time of crisis.

"I know the whole community send love, support and best wishes to the entire Farnworth Baptist team.

"The best in the majority will prevail over the worst in the minority."