A FITNESS instructor has launched live classes from her home.

Rianna Lucas, behind Sweaty Mama in Bolton, launched the classes earlier this week, and has had an "incredible" reaction from her clients.

She made the difficult decision to cancel her face-to-face classes two weeks ago, and says that choice left a hole in her life.

Mrs Lucas said: "Fitness is huge, especially for new mums.

"It helps so much with postnatal depression and the community aspect is vital.

"We're all stuck in out homes and out of routine and a lot of the new mums really rely on this class to give them something to get out of bed for.

"It's really kept me going as well, it's keeping us all sane and I'm so grateful for social media to let us do this.

"All the stress I went through last week to get it running is so worth it t see everyone come and join in."

It costs £6 per week to take part, giving access to all six classes.

Visit the Sweaty Mama Bolton Facebook page for more information on how to sign up.