STAFF across the borough are angry at having to travel to work despite coronavirus measures.

Workers have told of worries for their own health and passing the virus on to vulnerable people.

A member of staff at Home Care for You, who asked to remain anonymous, said workers who “chose” to self isolate were at risk of losing their jobs with the firm.

The managing director of the home care company told The Bolton News that all staff have the option of not working.

Mahfooz Hussain said: “We’re front line workers so we have no problem whatsoever with people being off if they need to isolate.

“Our staff are not being forced to work, precautions need to be taken so we have moved manager’s computers to their homes and all of our training is being done online to protect people.

“We do encourage our staff to work when they can because we have a lot of elderly people to look after.

“If we stopped working the hospital would go into critical state but we understand that some people are just not comfortable.”

Box Power, a not-for-profit organisation, were also questioned, with a worker asking: “Why is the company allowed to remain open while other people are facing the unknown?”

Corin Dalby, CEO of the firm, said that their services were needed “more than ever” by clients, and employees would soon be working from home.

He said: “We service big care home groups and we help keep tight cost control on their energy which they need now more than ever.

“It wasn’t possible for us to work from home before, the technology wasn’t set up but it’s nearly ready now, I’m looking at all the laptops.”

The government is not asking most businesses to close, only some shops and public venues.