The University of Bolton has joined a nationwide business pledge to help their employees, customers and communities pull through the coronavirus pandemic.

The C-19 Business Pledge was launched by Former Cabinet Minister, Rt. Hon Justine Greening after a large number of business contacted her expressing their desire to help in the current situation.

The pledgde hopes to ensure that business can help Britiain overcome the challenge it is experiencing now, and also those it will face once the pandemic is over.

The C-10 pledge covers three areas. Firslty it encourages businesss sto support their own employees during the pandemic and in the period of time that follows. It suggests that employers achieve this by supporting their staff when it comes to issues such as financial security, mental health, personal wellbeing and integration back into the workplace.

Secondly, it urges business to offer clear advice for customers, and suggests establishing specialist teams dedicated to supporting if they are facing any issues.