A local events company has put its products to use to creatively share the government's Stay at Home message with its followers.

Scene My Event used their range of light up letters which are normally used at weddings and parties to spell out the words.

They created the message on their last official day before they closed due to the virus. They posted the message, which reads 'Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives' on their social media where it reached their 21,000 combined followers.

Owners Chris Warbrick from Bolton and Martyn Stuttard from Bury said: “At times like this, it’s important for the community to come together as one and adhere to government guidelines, so that we can all come through this challenging time and return to normal life.

"We believe, now more than ever that individuals and businesses need to share positive messages and success stories to keep people positive in these difficult times. If our post makes one person think differently to makes them stay in, or puts a smile on peoples faces, then that is a great success."