A SCHOOL in Bolton is using its 3D printer to manufacture face visors to help protect NHS staff from coronavirus.

Ladybridge High School is producing dozens of the visors, which will be packaged up today by children of key workers who are in school, to be sent out to medical teams across the UK.

Phil Cotton, learning director for technology and arts at the secondary school, downloaded a design available freely to all, to respond to the increasing requests from doctors and their teams for PPE ­— personal protective equipment.

He said: “The design was available on open source and knew that I could make it.

“I am a member of a number of social groups and I saw this message from a GP appealing for face visors and asking if anyone could help.

“I said I could make them.

“I went into school worked on the design to create prototype and since then I have been contacted by doctors all over, medical teams from Essex and from Wythenshawe Hospital.

“The head has doctors in his family who we are making them for too.

“I told them had not be medically tested, but they wanted them because they haven’t got anything.”

Phil, is using his own 3D printer at home as well as at the school to make them so they can be dispatched as soon as possible.

He has also helped link up schools elsewhere in the country who are able to produce face visors with NHS teams in their area.

And he has even incorporated the production of the vital equipment into teaching pupils, who are in school, about the 3D technology.

“My printers are running non-stop,” said Phil, “It takes an hour to produce one face visor, and this week the learners will be helping to assemble the face visors.”

So far 40 have been produced.

“Supply cannot keep up with demand, which is so sad, “ said Phil.

He added: “When I told the pupils what I was doing, they said it was brilliant.

“This shows the importance of teaching young people about technology.

“I will be using what we have been doing with all the other learners when they return.”

He added: " The response to the NHS volunteers scheme has been amazing and now is the time for everyone to join together.”

Ladybridge High School is one of a number of schools across Bolton to donate safety googles to the NHS as they fight coronavirus.

Dr Paul Jackson tweeted: “Thank you Phil Cotton @learnbylayers3D for producing vital face visors within a few hours of first contact to help protect NHS staff in Trafford from Covid-19.

"You and your DT teaching colleagues are truly amazing. Teachers and NHS staff working together.”

The Royal Mint is also manufacturing face visors to protect NHS staff from coronavirus.

Bolton Cares has just put out an appeal for PPE equipment, saying it is really struggling for supplies to keep its care workers and the people they support “safe”.

They desperately need safety goggles, masks, liquid soap, gloves, aprons, cleaning products, tissues, paper towels, baby wipes and hand gels.

Donations can be dropped off at Thicketford House, Thicketford Road, Bolton or ring 01204 331111.

Support our NHS Guardian Angels campaign by donating at gofundme.com/f/support-our-nhs-guardian-angels