CHILDREN in Westhoughton taking part in their daily exercise will be sure of a big surprise.

For they will see teddy bears sat at the windows of their houses ready to greet them who are out taking their 30 minute to an hour exercise a day.

The idea is it will bring a smile and cheer to the faces of youngsters who are having to stay indoors as part of crisis coronavirus measures to contain covid-19.

The Bolton News:

It was an idea thought up by Westhoughton Rotary Club.

Rotarian Phil Wood said: "This only started a couple of days ago in the north Westhoughton area and people have picked up on it.

"The idea is to give the children something to look for and talk about when they are out with their families on their daily exercise.

"Children have started noticing them and taking their mums and dads on a bear hunt ­—singing the song 'We’re going on a bear hunt'

"When they see one, they can tell them the good news about their bears and animals, which will cheer them up."

The Bolton News:

And the idea seems to be catching on with Mr Wood saying other areas putting their teddies in the window.

"Houses in the Bolton Road area started putting teddy bears in the window and the idea is spreading on, with Over Hulton expressing an interest."

The Bolton News:

Westhoughton Rotary Club is known for raising a smile among the local community, especially at Christmas when they bring Father Christmas to town.

The idea of teddy bears is the latest idea to spread a little bit of cheer during this difficult period of self-isolation and physical distancing.

The Bolton News recently reported on how rainbows have been appearing in windows across the borough after a social media post suggesting the decorations went viral.

People were encouraged to display the colourful pictures to give children something to look for when they go out for walks.

The post, which has been shared across the web, aims to make a neighbourhood-wide game of I-Spy.