A BOLTON family starred in Sunday night's hit ITV quiz show, The Family Chase.

The Marsh family went head-to-head with The Sinnerman, Paul Sinha, for a chance to win £11,000.

Captained by 52-year-old Lesley, a business manager at a primary school in Farnworth, the team got off to a strong start.

After telling host Bradley Walsh that she was a keen traveller, having been born in Uganda, married in the Seychelles, and divorced in Bolton, Lesley revealed that she would spend her portion of the winnings on going to Vietnam.

The divorcee earned £6,000 in the cash builder round, bringing it all back to the winnings pot.

Her 16-year-old daughter Tia followed suit, building up £3,000 in the first round.

The Canon Slade student listened to her family and accepted a lower offer of £1,000 for an extra chance to make it through to the next round.

Next up was Lesley's brother, Dave Snr.

The construction site manager joked that his winnings would be given away, saying he would: "give it the wife to spend it like i do with all the rest of it".

He was nearly tempted by gambling to take £44,000, before his sister reminded him that wife Donna would not be pleased if he was knocked out of the running early.

The 55-year-old earned £4,000 for the family, before his 31-year-old son Dave Jnr was caught and knocked out of the show.

The crane operator answered five questions correctly in the cash builder round, but his plans for a "posh holiday" in Skegness with his winnings were scuppered by The Sinnerman.

In the final chase, the three remaining members of the Marsh family scored 16 points, but the chaser beat their score with 34 seconds left on the clock.

Bradley Walsh estimated that the trio would have needed to score at least 24 to take home the cash, saying: "I could have got another eight questions in at that rate.

"I've got to say, I've thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, I've had a great time today."

However, the group did not go home empty handed, leaving the set with four Toby Jugs is the shape of the chasers' faces.