IT looks like an innocuous roadside scene but back in 1989, the siting of this bench caused a major uproar.

Two wooden benches were installed 200 metres apart on the popular Georges Lane access to Rivington and miles of sprawling moorland high above Horwich. It followed years of campaigning from ramblers and locals to make the most of the views.

But rather than giving ramblers a chance to rest and enjoy some spectacular scenery, the benches were erected the wrong way round facing a quarry and a tip branded “an eyesore”. The panoramic views stretching as far as the West Coast and Wales 60 miles away on a clear day were behind the benches not in front of them.

Local councillor Barbara Ronson said: “I have never seen anything so silly. It’s a cock-up of the first order.”

Red-faced officials at Bolton Council were quick to respond after the problem was pointed out to them and turned the benches around to face the right way..

A council spokesman admitted: “We realised there had been a hiccup and were happy to put matters right.”