A BOLTON couple had teamed up with a young Belfast guitarist and had been signed up for a regular TV slot .

In 1973, the Brook Band - featuring Dave Brooks and his wife June and guitarist Sam Bracken were signed up for 11 appearances on the That Stuart Hall Show.

Dave, who worked at Exide Batteries when he left Thornleigh College, was a familiar face on the folk circuit and had performed at Bolton Octagon.

When he was invited to make a record, his wife Jane agreed to sing harmonies on the record, even though she had never sung before. From that the couple had been performing together form more than two year before being joined by Sam Bracken on guitar.

“Our style is relaxed and easy on the ear,” said Dave. “We sing about ordinary things like going on holiday to Blackpool.”

They were delighted to get their TV break but not so delighted about the outfits that Dave and Sam were due to wear.

“T-shirts are made for the pigeon-chested - and we’re not,” laughed Sam. “We’re hoping to negotiate about this.”