THERE have been reports of flytipping in Bolton in recent weeks, since the tips shut in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

This picture was sent to The Bolton News and more incidents of rubbish being dumped on the streets and in beauty spots in the borough have been reported on social media.

Rubbish, which included a child's pushchair was left at the back of Markland Hill Lane.

One resident said: "This mess was dumped last night at the back of my house — thought we have been told to stay inside."

Rubbish has also been reported being left off Blackburn Road in Bolton and in Radcliffe.

Councils across the country have reported an increase in flytipping since the household waste and recycling centres shut in light of Government measures imposed to contain covid-19.

And they are asking people to keep hold of their items until normal life resumes.

Senior councillor, Sean Hornby branded those who flytip as selfish for putting already strained resources under even more pressure.

He said: "The people committing these offences should not be leaving their homes, by doing so they are putting people at risk ­— we have been told to stay home unless it is for a specific reason and is absolutely essential."

Cllr Hornby added: "Fly tipping is an offence which blights the area and can be ahealth hazard.

"Services are already under enormous pressure and people who fly tip are being extremely selfish.

"The rubbish can easily be stored until the household waste and recycling centres return to normal."

All 20 household waste recycling centres across Greater Manchester are closed until further notice.

Those caught fly tipping can be fined with some having been hauled before the courts.

Bolton Council has been contacted for a response.