THE lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) available for police to help shield them from getting coronavirus is a major concern within the force, it has been claimed.

And the fact officers have not been tested for COVID-19 is another issue officers are worried about.

One officer said: “The COVID 19 PPE which is placed in the vehicles consists of two masks, two aprons and two sets of gloves. Officers are being advised to only use these if the virus has been confirmed by the person who you are dealing with and to risk assess each situation.

“We don’t know who has the virus because no tests are being conducted.

“This places all officers at risk including their families they go home to.

“At present kits have been issued to vehicles only with none issued to individual officers. Neighbourhood teams have now gone to assist response officers leaving PCSOs to police neighbourhoods without any PPE to protect themselves coming into contact with COVID-19.

“Officers are feeling let down by their senior leadership team and feel they are not being listened to.”

GMP Chief Superintendent Stuart Ellison said all vehicles have been issued with COVID-19 PPE in line with Public Health England guidelines for officers to use if they suspect a person present may have the virus or are self-isolating. He added that face masks have been distributed across the force to ensure “all officers and staff in a public facing role, including officers, PSCOs on foot patrol, public enquiry counter staff and custody staff, are sufficiently protected”.