A MUM has spoken up about the challenge of home schooling her severely autistic son during lockdown.

Jo Jordan usually organises an event to mark Autism Awareness Week from 30 March to 5 April, however this year she is facing a new challenge as she teaches her son Franklin, 6, at home.

"I always try to raise as much awareness as possible for autism, and this is a very important week for me and my family.

"But this year it is difficult, we've tried as much as possible to keep it real for Franklin. He needs a stable routine and if he's ever off school he falls behind quickly.

"We've set up a work station away from the living space so he doesn't get confused. He doesn't understand what's going on and he doesn't understand why he's at home.

"His school have been great and really supportive and I've set up a blog to help other parents and try and raise awareness."

You can read about Jo's experiences on her blog Spinning in Circles.