A brother and sister have teamed up with their spouses to launch a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery service in Westhoughton.

Laramie and Garry Leach have joined forces with Garry's sister Kelsey and her husband Stuart Stanworth to ensure that people are getting access to healthy food during lockdown.

They've created Boxed Fresh Veg and the whole family is involved. They are offering their services to those within a 10 mile radius of Westhoughton.

Laramie said: "We are a local events company, however everything was cancelled this summer. When the outbreak happened we wanted to stay safe and healthy, but we also thought what could we do to help?

"We did some food shopping and stocked up on everything, but then we struggled to eat healthily, so my husband went down to the market to get some fruit and veg, and then a neighbour asked him to do that for him too and that's how it started. We just helped more and more people.

"My husband and brother-in-law do the deliveries in full PPE and leave everything on the doorstep, it's all contactless payments too.

"We've had a really good response and everyone's very appreciative. We're also asking people to nominate a key worker each week so that they can have a delivery. We'll keep going as long as people need it." For more information visit the Boxed Fresh Veg Facebook page.