THERE has been a sharp increase in the number of drivers breaking speed limits with the roads being emptier due to the coronavirus crisis.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) say they have received a rise of reports of motorists breaking the law in the last few weeks.

And Tonge Fold Neighbourhood Watch chairman Dave Edmondson, a serving policeman who clocks drivers' speeds, has noticed a surge in vehicles travelling above the limit.

He reported a driver to police for allegedly driving at 63mph in a 20mph limit on Ainsworth Lane at around 7.05pm on Friday.

Dave said: "There has been a massive increase in speeding.

"Some drivers seem to be using the roads as a race track.

"It is happening all day long.

"They are disrespecting the law as they think no-one else is on the road.

"But there are still children about – they just do not think about that.

"I think it happening everywhere at the moment."

Dave is also hoping more signs will be put up in the area to remind drivers what the speed limit is.

Meanwhile yesterday, Tuesday, a driver was stopped by a GMP officer after reportedly reaching 130mph and driving with no insurance.

Superintendent Julie Ellison from GMP’s Specialist Operations Team said: “At all times road safety in and around Greater Manchester is of paramount importance as speeding can have devastating consequences – not only does it increase the risk of collisions occurring, but it can affect the severity of those that do take place and in the worst case scenario can be fatal.

“In this current climate, keeping the pressure off our emergency services is so important whilst they keep the public safe and well.

"If someone is speeding and they have a collision, this will take up vital resources including NHS, fire and the police.

“Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in speeding offences and numerous examples of drivers who are putting their own lives and others at risk – one recent example was a driver doing 115mph on a 40mph road.

"The speed limits are there to save lives and should always be adhered to.

“We are working closely with our partners and the community to actively discourage speeding drivers and reduce the amount of people who are seeing quieter roads as their own personal racetrack.

"We would encourage the public to let us know their concerns in their local area so we can ensure we are making best use of our available officers."

If you have any information about speeding drivers contact 101 or click here.