A DRUNKEN flasher dropped his trousers in a woman's garden and told her, 'I will do anything for you'.

Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how Jamie Haslam did not know the woman but decided to pay her home in Radcliffe a visit in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Martha Dowd, prosecuting, told the court how the woman was woken by knocking her door which she tried to ignore but it went on, periodically, for about 40 minutes.

“She realised it was a male at the back door in her secure garden,” said Miss Dowd.

“He did not have permission to be there. She could hear the male’s voice saying throughout, ‘Can I come in? Can I speak to you? I love you and would do anything for you.”

The woman told him to leave and shut the kitchen door in an attempt to protect herself if he got inside.

Police were called but Haslam had left by the time they arrived, only to return 20 minutes later after officers had gone and started knocking on the door again.

District Judge Bernard Begley heard how the woman went to her kitchen window to keep him talking until police could arrive again.

“It was at this point the defendant then pulled his trousers down fully, exposed himself, knelt down on the grass in her back garden where she could clearly see him and began masturbating in front of her and saying, ‘I will do anything for you’,” said Miss Dowd.

“She turned away in disgust so she didn’t know how long he was doing it.”

When police arrived again he unsuccessfully tried to escape at the bottom of the garden but was caught and arrested.

In a statement to police the woman said she did not know the man but had seen him on her way home from work several times last summer and sometimes found him sat outside her home looking at the property.

“He did this on a number of occasions, asking for a drink of water on one occasion,” said Miss Dowd.

“She says she felt bad and gave him a bottle of water.”

The woman added: “This incident has left me feeling unsafe. I live on my own and try to rationalise the whole incident but I simply can’t.

“I am worried about him coming back and damaging my property and I feel very vulnerable.

“His erratic behaviour proves he is capable of causing me a lot of distress and fear.”

Haslam, aged 26, of Springfield Apartments, Heap Street, Radcliffe, pleaded guilty to exposure.

The court heard he has a previous conviction for a similar offence committed eight years ago.

Abigail Henry, defending, said: “He cannot explain his actions and why he has done what he has.

“He has a limited recollection in relation to his behaviour. He had been drinking quite heavily on that day and that is all by way of explanation he can give in relation to what happened.”

She added that Haslam, who lives with a partner, does not have an issue with drink or drugs.

The court heard Haslam had been binge drinking after stopping taking medication for depression when work stopped due to the coronavirus crisis.

Probation officer Sally Cunliffe said he has suffered a serious on bereavements in recent months and is "very remorseful" about his behaviour.

District Judge Begley sentenced Haslam to 22 weeks in prison, suspended for two years and ordered him to participate in a sex offenders' programme and 20 days of rehabilitation activities.

In addition he was placed on the sex offenders' register for seven years, must pay a total of £213 in costs and a restraining order was made banning him from contacting the woman or going near her home.