A DAD attacked and headbutted the mother of his baby just hours after they had celebrated their son's first birthday.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard how, although Ryan Bibby and his former girlfriend were separated, she still invited him to her house for their son's birthday on November 21 last year.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said the pair drank six bottles of wine between them and 26-year-old Bibby ended up staying the night at her Radcliffe home.

"Despite the evening going well, the next morning the tone started to change," said Mr Scott.

The mum was let down by a babysitter and a row erupted.

"She said to the defendant that she was sick of constantly having to change her plans because he wouldn't look after his own son," said Mr Scott.

"At this she described the defendant as getting really worked up.She could see from his face that he was extremely angry."

Bibby lashed out at her, slapping and repeatedly hitting her in the face, causing her lip to burst.

"She was screaming in pain and shouting for the defendant to get out of the house, which he wouldn't," said Mr Scott.

Bibby grabbed her by the throat and started to strangle her and head butted her.

After a few minutes he let go and smashed an empty wine bottle and plates over his own head.

"She stated it was like something out of a movie," said Mr Scott.

The woman managed to call police and Bibby was arrested,

In a victim statement the woman said: "The whole relationship with Ryan has caused me severe anxiety and depression.

"I want him out of mine and my children's lives for good. I feel stupid that I trusted him."

Bibby, aged 26, of Nall Street, Manchester, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm.

At the sentencing hearing, conducted via a Skype video conferencing link, Judge John Potter was told that Bibby has convictions for 17 previous offences, including for sexual assault, robbery and battery.

Tom McKail, defending, said that the woman had struck out first at Bibby before he reacted.

"He is ashamed of his actions and he is extremely remorseful," said Mr McKail.

"He acted recklessly, disproportionally and aggressively towards his former partner and the mother of his child during this argument."

He added that Bibby, who has ADHD and emotional personality disorder stemming from a traumatic childhood, has an inability to manage his feelings, especially when using drink or drugs.

Judge Potter sentenced Bibby to 15 months in prison, telling him: "You acted entirely inappropriately and, bluntly, in a physically abusive manner in an incident of repeated and sustained violence.

"I do take into account your upbringing. I appreciate you have been caused harm in the past.

"However, as you are very well aware indeed, the fact that you have had harm caused to you, tragic though that might be, provides you with absolutely no excuse whatsoever to be physically abusive towards the mother of your child."