A FURTHER 336 people have died in hospital, NHS England has said, bringing the total hospital deaths in England to 18,420.

The patients were aged between 28 and 100 and 22 of the 336 patients, aged between 41 and 94 years-old, had no known underlying health condition.

No deaths from covid-19 were recorded at the Royal Bolton Hospital, on Saturday, and one was recorded on Friday ­— but figures are subject to change after post-mortem tests.

Of the 336 new hospital deaths announced today by NHS England:

- 63 occurred on April 25

- 167 occurred on April 24

- 38 occurred on April 23

The figures also show 62 of the new deaths took place between April 1 and April 22 while the remaining six deaths occurred in March, with the earliest new death taking place on March 15.

NHS England releases updated figures each day showing the dates of every coronavirus-related death in hospitals in England, often including previously uncounted deaths that took place several days or even weeks ago. This is because of the time it takes for deaths to be confirmed as testing positive for Covid-19, for post-mortem examinations to be processed and for data from the tests to be validated.

The figures published by NHS England show April 8 continues to have the highest number for the most hospital deaths occurring on a single day, with a current total of 857.

A total of 139 patients with covid-19 have now died at the Royal Bolton Hospital

The last week has seen daily death rates slow, with 21 patients dying with the virus since last Friday, April 17.

This is a drop of more than 60 per cent on the week prior, April 10 to April 17, which saw 55 patients die.

The week before that, April 3 to April 10, saw 34 deaths.