A WOMAN set to celebrate her 100th birthday tomorrow has raised over £15,000 for North West Ambulance Service by walking 100 lengths of her driveway.

Win Page, 99, was inspired by Captain Tom Moore to take up the challenge for the ambulance charity.

Mrs Page attends Kearsley New Jerusalem Church, and was due to celebrate her birthday with a special church service and a party for her family and friends.

Friend Carolyn Kennion said: "No-one who knows Win is surprised that she has turned a disappointment into a way of helping others.

"Her friends say that Win is a constant source of inspiration with her positive attitude and concern for other people."

Mrs Page is overjoyed at the support she has received.

She said: "Captain Tom has been such an inspiration. He is actually two days younger than me, so I thought if he can do it so can I”.

Visit justgiving.com/fundraising/win-page1 to see how Mrs Page is getting on.