ACTOR Ralf Little has delighted his fans with a comedy sketch based on competitive neighbours during Thursday's 'clap for carers' tribute.

The star of the Royle Family ­— who had just started at medical school when he got his call up for the sitcom ­— is seen in the short clip playing the part of two neighbours who try and out do each other as they clap in honour of those working on on the frontline.

At first they try to clap louder than the other, before the pot is brought out and then the fireworks.

The Bury born star who studied at Bolton School posted the clip on Twitter, saying: "There's always someone smug and competitive who takes it too far".

And in a fun disclaimer, the huge supporter of the NHS adds: "I fully appreciate and support someone launching a cannon filled with fireworks (and or confetti) in support of #ournhs. Just be nice about it."