A THUG attacked his former girlfriend, breaking lockdown restrictions and a restraining order before locking her in her flat and ripping out her hair.

At Minshull Street Crown Court Tabassam Anwar pleaded for leniency but Judge Graeme Smith told him a probation report about him was one of the worst he has ever seen and jailed him for 16 months.

The court heard how 34-year-old Anwar had only been released from prison a few days before he met up with his ex.

Simone Flynn, prosecuting, told the court how Anwar and his victim had been in an on/off relationship for three years, during which he was convicted of attacking her and a restraining order, banning him from contacting her, was made in January last year.

But on March 26, three days after the coronavirus lockdown began, the pair agreed to meet up.

"Both parties met up with the complainant's brother at a house," said Miss Flynn.

"They remained at that house during the course of the evening."

Anwar and the woman then went to her home in Tulip Avenue, Kearsley.

Anwar stayed the night but at 11am the next day he left saying he was going to the shop.

"However, he didn't return and he also took the flat key with him so, effectively, she was locked in her own flat," said Miss Flynn.

Five hours later he rang to say he was not coming back, but then at 7.15pm he returned and an argument began.

Miss Flynn said that, soon afterwards, the woman's friend knocked on the door but Anwar would not let his former partner open it.

"She describes how he doesn't like her talking to anybody else," said Miss Flynn.

Anwar grabbed her by the throat and pinned her up against the living room wall before releasing his grip and slapping her face.

"He then pulled a chunk of hair from the side of her head out," said Miss Flynn, who added that the woman was also left with a bruised leg and a possible broken toe.

He left and police were called, but while officers were at the flat Anwar phoned her.

Miss Flynn said: "She put the phone on loudspeaker and the defendant was heard to shout abuse at her saying, 'What have you done you stupid white b***h? I will slit your throat.'"

In a victim statement the woman told the court how Anwar emotionally abuses and manipulates her.

"He knows I love him and wouldn't say no to him," she stated.

"I do not deserve to be treated like this. I do not want to see him ever again."

The court heard that Anwar, of Thomas Holden Street, Bolton, has convictions for 117 offences including for theft and violence.

Anwar pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm and breaching a restraining order and he was sentenced via a Skype video conferencing hearing.

Colette Renton, defending, told the court how the relationship had been "toxic" but said taking the key had been a misunderstanding.

While expressing Anwar's apology for his behaviour she conceded that a probation report written about him had been "pretty damning."

Sentencing Anwar, Judge Smith told him it was the third time that he had breached the restraining order not to contact the woman.

"You had only been released [from prison]a few days earlier when you breached the restraining order again on this occasion," said Judge Smith.

"You were also in breach of your post sentence supervision and, as it happens, you were in breach of the Government's lockdown requirements as well. You should never have been at the property for that reason in addition.

"The probation report that I have read is one of the most negative that I have read about somebody for a very long time.

"Probation are very concerned about your rate of violence and the fact that you use control over vulnerable victims."