OVER 150 people have now died at Royal Bolton Hospital after contracting coronavirus. 

Figures released by NHS England this afternoon confirmed four new deaths, pushing the total to 153.

One patient died with the virus yesterday, whilst three patients died on Saturday.

Over the weekend, three deaths were confirmed from Friday, with four patients dying on Thursday.

Three earlier deaths from the hospital, one from April 3, April 4, and April 12, were also attributed to covid-19 over the weekend.

These numbers may rise as deaths are sometimes added to the statistics much later after a post mortem confirms the diagnosis.

Figures do not include deaths which may have occurred outside hospitals, such as in care homes, where at least nine deaths in Bolton have been linked to covid-19.

NHS England also confirmed hospitals across the country had recorded 329 new deaths of patients who tested positive for covid-19, bringing the total number of deaths in English hospitals to 18,749.

As of 9am yesterday morning, 698 cases of the virus had been confirmed in the borough.