A MUM-OF-TWO has been readmitted to hospital with coronavirus symptoms, three weeks after she tested positive for the virus.

Helen Ducker, from Edgworth, was first taken to hospital by ambulance on March 27, spending a week in the care of the doctors and nurses on site.

Now, three weeks after she was discharged, another ambulance has taken Mrs Ducker back to Royal Bolton Hospital.

In a post to her bakery Facebook page on Saturday, she said: "I’ve still been struggling with symptoms. Chest pains, groin pain, and breathlessness that have just not gotten any better.

"After another 111 call another ambulance was sent out as my oxygen levels were all over the place and my symptoms were pointing towards potential blood clots in the lungs.

"I’m now back on a ward, I’ve had another Covid swab, and I’m on pain relief and oxygen again. Im also surrounded by lots of suspected Covid patients and lots of illness with an already battered immune system. Quite frankly it’s dangerous for me to be here, but I’m still too poorly not to be."

Fortunately, scans of Mrs Ducker's lungs have not shown any sign of clots.

The popular baker, who runs Mother Ducker cake shop in The Last Drop Village, has previously spoken about being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Coeliac disease and a form of arthritis called Ankylosing Spondilytis.

She normally takes immunosuppressant medication to control her illnesses, but this treatment has had to be stopped due to her recovery from coronavirus.

Mrs Ducker's post continued: "It would appear my recovery may be a very very long one. I’ve other health conditions and medication that always had the potential to make this virus a tricky road for me. However this is happening to others who are otherwise seemingly healthy.

"This virus is nasty for some of us - it ravages our body, and as we still don’t know enough about it, we don’t know what the recovery timescale is or what long term damage it has done.

"I am however still one of the lucky ones - a very close call and a battle ahead but I will get home again to be with my family. So many others have not been so lucky."

The business owner has again pleaded for people to stay at home.

In a previous post about her fight against the virus, she stated that she had become ill despite staying at home and cleaning every item that entered the house.