A BOLTON-based online clothing brand has launched a new range of t-shirts to help raise awareness of the Government's message and to raise funds for coronavirus relief efforts.

Yoyo Worldwide is a creative clothing brand producing printed t-shirts and sweatshirts featuring different slogans. They've now produced a collection of t-shirts with the phrase "Don't panic, stay home" with all proceeds going to Covid-19 relief organisations in the buyer's area.

Nathan McIver, who runs the clothing brand from home, said: "We wanted to do something good and do our bit to try and help. Even if it wasn't a lot, we knew we could do something to help. We wanted to something positive rather than do nothing at all

"We can't do as much as normal right now, so we had a think about what we can do from home and what we could do to make a difference. We wanted to try and raise money but also spread awareness too.

"Currently we're a bit stuck with what we can do so so this was a way for us to keep producing and selling items.

"We've already sold out of the first collection of t-shirts so we've had to produce more, everything's designed at home. We've run out of the stickers we send with the clothes too; its been really popular. Hopefully we'll start producing t-shirts in a woman's fit too so it's not just unisex.

"Our goal is to raise donations for Covid-19 relief organisations in buyers' areas, whether that be used towards food banks, donations to the NHS or simply to help support someone's situation."

The t-shirts are priced at £20 with all proceeds going towards charities and organisations fighting against the coronavirus.

To purchase a t-shirt visit yoyoworldwide.com.