LOTTERY lout Mark Goodram has been jailed after he headbutted his girlfriend then offered her cash from his supposed winnings if she told police she had fallen.

Goodram, aged 37, hit the headlines in April last year after he and pal Jon-Ross Watson claimed to have won £4 million on a £10 scratchcard bought from Waitrose on a trip to London.

But Camelot refused to pay out after it was discovered that the debit card used to make the purchase did not belong to either of them.

Back in Bolton, on September 26 last year drug addict Goodram attacked a former partner outside Primark on Bradshawgate, headbutting her and leaving her with a gash in her forehead so deep that paramedics could see the bone.

The Bolton News: Mark GoodramMark Goodram

He was arrested and remanded in Forest Bank prison, but a judge heard that, while there, he bombarded his victim with letters and phone calls trying to get her to lie to police.

"He repeatedly and persistently made unsolicited contact, both by letter and by telephone," Daniel Calder, prosecuting, said via a Skype video hearing at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

"In these communications he asked her to tell the police that she had been drunk and had fallen over.

"He also asked her to not attend court to give evidence. He told her that he had enjoyed a large lottery win and would 'look after her'.

"He also warned her that she would 'get done' for assaulting him if she attended court."

The Bolton News: Mark GoodramMark Goodram

The woman did not respond to him and Goodram, after initially denying attacking her, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Judge Graeme Smith sentenced Goodram, who had a string of previous convictions, mainly for dishonesty, to 25 months in prison.

The court had heard how Goodram's victim had begun dating him in July 2019. Both were frequent users of crack cocaine and the relationship was described as "volatile".

Mr Calder said that on September 25 last year Goodram and his partner were at a pal called Wes' flat near Bradshawgate. She was drinking cider and the others were smoking crack cocaine.

At 4am the next morning Goodram, of Rowena Street, Bolton, and his girlfriend were walking along Bradshawgate and he was demanding his belongings from her flat.

"They argued as they walked along Bradshawgate and as they stood near Primark the defendant called her a slag and a bag head before drawing back his head and headbutting her once to the face, causing a large wound to her forehead," said Mr Calder. The woman then walked away from him.

"He followed her, telling her that he loved her," said Mr Calder, who added that when she reached her home he grabbed her top and started throwing her around, only stopping when her mother heard her screams and intervened.

The woman's head wound was cleaned and stitched in hospital but the court heard that it has left a scar and she has suffered from headaches, dizziness and memory loss.

Judge Smith made a restraining order banning Goodram from contacting the woman after hearing her victim statement in which she said she was sickened by the attack and Goodram's attempts to get her to lie to police made her feel "disgusted, intimidated and pressured".

Hugh Barton, defending, stressed that Goodram and his partner had been heavily intoxicated at the time of the attack, but he accepted he had headbutted her.

He added that Goodram has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and has had a "long struggle with substance misuse".

"He has expressed remorse. His actions that night were out of character," he said.