Craving some of your favourite fast food outlets?

Whether you miss the taste, speed, or convenience of not having to cook, we've got good news for you, as some of the biggest takeaway chains across the country have announced plans to reopen stores during the coronavirus crisis.

Here's everything we know so far.


The fried chicken giant has reopened their store on Albert Road, Farnworth.

It comes as the chain pledges to reopen 100 restaurants across the UK for delivery.

Bury's Moorgate Retail Park site reopened earlier this week, with the same delivery-only restrictions.

A spokesman for the brand said: "May's off to a good start.

"We're reopening our restaurants in a responsible way, with stringent processes and hygine measures in place.

"We'll be serving a limited menu to help the smaller kitchen teams maintain social distancing.

"Opening these restaurants will mean that we can continue donating food to NHS and key workers - we'll be delivering 10.000 meals a week from these restaurants in partnership with Deliveroo."

The brand is also hoping to reopen more stores over the coming weeks.

Farnworth's KFC will be open for delivery from 12-9pm each day.


Pasty lovers unite, there's hope for Carrs delivery in our futures.

The Bolton-based bakery shared the exciting news alongside a video of their factories back in action

A tweet from the firm read: "This should keep our trade customers going, so they can keep you going.

"Next month we will try out a canteen replacement idea and local doorstep deliveries should be up and running soon(ish).

"It's been so long since we served you all, we cannot wait."

There's no official word on when "soon(ish)" might be but it's enough to keep us going.

Burger King

You might have seen pictures from the reopening of Havant Burger King and cursed those lucky enough to get their hands on a Big Whopper.

Although no plans to open a store near Bolton have been revealed, the chain has announced that at least one store in every city will be up and running my May 31.

So far, only a small selection of stores have been ready to serve customers, with each restaurant serving a limited menu.

Classics such as Whoppers and Chicken Royales are available, and when a store near us reopens, customers can order their food through Just Eat or Deliveroo.

Costa Coffee

Costa reopened four stores in a very small trial last week to serve their faithful caffeine addicts.

Whilst none of them were in Bolton, two of the original four branches are in Manchester, which bodes well for future reopenings.

The trial was successful, and a few additional stores have now been reopened, although Bolton stores are still closed for the time being. 

Manchester White City is reopen for drive-through orders from coffee lovers, while Manchester Oxford Road is open for delivery only.


The popular bakery store will reopen 20 of its branches in Newcastle, the brand's hometown, on Tuesday.

This is the first stage of a three step plan to get all stores across the country open by July 1.

Stores in Newcastle will be open for at least two weeks as part of a trial phase.

Depending on the outcome of the trial, bosses hope to have 700 stores up and running by June 8, although no locations have been confirmed.

The final stage sees Greggs hoping to have all stores reopened by July, when the government's job retention scheme is set to end.

A spokesman for the brand said: “We want to play our part in getting the nation back up and running again so we are planning to conduct a limited trial with volunteers to explore how we can reopen our shops with new measures in place that keep our colleagues and customers as safe as we can when we re-open at scale.”

Those visiting reopened shops will have to observe social distancing measures, including a one-way system in-store, and directional signage and floor markings, to encourage distance between customers.


The popular fast food chain confirmed that 15 restaurants will be reopened across the UK on May 13 after a week of operational tests at some of its stores.

Earlier this week, Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s CEO UK and Ireland, said work is going on behind the scenes to prepare for a "small-but-steady" return across the country.

On Tuesday, April 28 he said: "In March, we took the decision to temporarily close our restaurants in the UK and Ireland for the safety of our people and customers. Recently, we began working through a potential and limited reopening.

"We have been listening to our employees and customers as well as engaging with government and trade bodies to help ensure we do this responsibly, when the time is right.

"Restarting our business is not an easy task even when reopening in a limited capacity. We have set ourselves some key criteria for reopening, all of which take time – first and foremost ensuring the wellbeing of our people and creating the right environment for them to return to work; secondly ensuring we have enough supply of fresh produce; and finally working in-step with government guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers.

"This week we are carrying out some operational tests to explore what our reopening might look like; the restaurant where these tests take place will remain closed to the public.

"These tests will include exploring social distancing measures for our crew, PPE options and opening in a limited capacity.

"For now we remain closed, and will only reopen when we are absolutely confident we can have the right measures in place to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.”


Subway has yet to release any information about when we can expect stores to reopen, so for now we're going to have to make do with whatever's left in the fridge.