A CORONAVIRUS death map allows users to see how many people from their area have died after being diagnosed with the disease.

A total of 169 people are known to have passed away after testing positive for COVID-19 at the Royal Bolton Hospital as of Saturday.

And now a map designed by the Office for National Statistics allows users to see how many people in their local ward have died from an illness related to the virus.

By entering your postcode into this map, you will be able to see how many coronavirus-related deaths have occurred near you between March 1 and April 17.

The Bolton News:

Among other things, what does the map show?

  • Seven people from both the Lever Edge and Rumworth South areas of Bolton have died after testing positive for the virus.
  • In both Tonge Moor and Breightmet North, five people died after a diagnosis.
  • In the areas of Heaton and Dean and Kearsley, no coronavirus-related deaths were recorded between the period of March 1 and April 17.

Where did these numbers come from and how was the map made?

According to the ONS, points on the map are places at the centre of the local area they represent and do not show the actual location of deaths.

To protect confidentiality, a small number of deaths have been reallocated between neighbouring areas.

This map includes all deaths occurring between March 1 and April 17 but exclude the death of non-residents.

Deaths are included where the underlying course was COVID-19 or the virus was mentioned on the death certificate as a contributory factor.

What is the total death toll across the country and in Bolton?

According to official figures, 90,232 people died in England and Wales between March 1 and April 17, of which 20,283 were from coronavirus.

As of Saturday, 28,131 people had died in hospitals, care homes and the wider community across the whole of the UK.

The latest figures confirmed three new deaths had been recorded at the Royal Bolton Hospital bringing the facility’s total up to 169.

Yesterday the Bolton News reported that at least three members of staff at the hospital had died after contracting the virus.

Together with health care worker Lourdes Campbell who contracted COVID-19 and died last month, two “back office” staff have also died.

Both Bolton NHS Foundation Trust employees had been ill for months with terminal conditions before contracting COVID-19 and requiring hospital admission.

*Figures correct at time of publication. To access the map and search for you postcode, follow the link above to the ONS website.