Four young men from Yorkshire who travelled to Greater Manchester for a burger have been rapped for breaching coronavirus guidelines.

GMP have given the men Fixed Penalty Notices after the unnecessary trip.

A spokesman for the force said: "Four young men who were travelling from Yorkshire into Greater Manchester to get a burger were issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice for breaching COVID-19 guidelines.

"Don’t get caught out. Stay home, protect the NHS and save lives."

Legislation rolled out on March 27 to help prevent the spread of coronavirus enable officers to issue individuals with £60 fines.

The fines are supposed to be used if people fail to comply with guidelines after officers have engaged with them, explained the risks to public health and encouraged compliance.

GMP has handed out 171 of the fines since lockdown began.

Speaking after the latest figures were released on Thursday, assistant chief constable Chris Sykes said: “So far GMP has issued 171 FPNs – the youngest person to receive one was 18 and the oldest was 52 years old.

“We can see that 50 per cent of the FPNs have been issued to men aged between 18-24; and while we have not seen an influx of visitors like other areas, we have issued seven notices to people travelling into Greater Manchester.

“It is important that we stress that the vast majority of people are adhering to the guidelines and we are grateful to everyone for sacrificing their time with loved ones during this incredibly difficult time in order to protect the public and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We understand that this isn’t easy and that the current situation is a challenge for us all.

"However, I would ask that people stick with us and continue to follow the government guidance to stay home, protect the NHS and ultimately save lives."

Under current coronavirus restrictions, people are only allowed to make essential trips for food shopping, medicine, or medical treatment.

Those who are unable to work from home are still able to travel to their place of work.

Anyone who does leave the house is encouraged to stay 2m away from other people at all times, washing their hands as soon as they get home.