A ROBBER serving an 11 year sentence for his crimes is back behind bars after going on the run from prison.

Kaileb Harrison was arrested at a house in Little Hulton on March 25 and is now serving an additional eight months after pleading guilty to escaping from custody.

Simon Barrett, prosecuting via Skype video conferencing, told Manchester Crown Court how Harrison had been part of a gang involved in a series of burglaries and robberies.

The gang had targeted a number of homes and robbed cash-in-transit vans across the North West.

They lay in wait for the delivery vans then threatened security staff before stealing thousands of pounds.

But they were caught after posting a picture of themselves with a stole Porsche 911 on Facebook.

In August 2016 Harrison, of Captain Fold Road, Little Hulton, was jailed for six years for his part in the burglaries and then, the following year further five years for conspiracy to commit robbery.

His sentence does not end until March 2027 and the earliest he is eligible for release is March 2022.

The court heard that 24-year-old Harrison was gradually move to less secure prisons and, in July last year, was moved to Thorn Cross open prison near Warrington.

“But following a roll check of prisoners on September 24, the defendant could not be found and it was discovered that he had absconded,” said Mr Barrett.

Judge Michael Leeming heard that Harrison walked to the prison’s boundary, climbed over a 5ft fence and then called a friend give him a lift back to Salford.

He was finally caught six months later.

“Asked why he had absconded, he said that he had loads of things going on in his head and could not adjust to the open style of prison,” said Mr Barrett.

Martin Pizzey, defending, said Harrison had been concerned about his father, who has been diagnosed with terminal COPD when he absconded.

“The moment he did that he regretted it but he thought it would make matters worse if he were to return,” he said.

He stressed that, while on the run, Harrison had had not committed any further crimes.

“He was keeping his head down, regretting his decision to leave, knowing full well, one day he would be recaptured and sent back to prison,” said Mr Pizzey.

Judge Leeming sentenced Harrison, who is now in the more secure Forest Bank prison, to a further eight months.

He told the defendant: “All prisoners have problems or pressures and all of them have personal reasons for wanting to get out of prison as soon as they can.

“There are consequences for acting in the way that you it, particularly as, in an open prison regime, a degree of trust is placed upon you and other prisoners to comply with the rules.

“Escaping in the way that you did undermines the process of the courts and the prison service.”

It is the second time in two weeks that a Thorn Cross prisoner has been sent back to jail after escaping.

Last month Qeser Khan, aged 32, of Devon Street, Bolton, was was sentenced to a further two months in prison.

He had been serving a four year term for reckless arson when he walked out of the open prison, but handed himself into police two days later.