A THIEF who burgled a hospital and shop has been jailed.

At Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court, Stephen Done, aged 47, of no fixed address, admitted committing the offences.

The court heard how, on August 11 last year, Done burgled Hidden Hearing, the hearing aid shop on Knowsley Street, Bolton, and stole property worth £720.

Then, on March 5, Done entered the Beaumont Hospital, Lostock, and stole £30 from a till.

At the time of the offence Done was subject to suspended sentences for burglary and theft from the Aldi supermarket.

For the latest offences plus the activation of the suspended sentences, Done was jailed for 54 weeks.

He must also pay the hearing aid store £100 in compensation.

The court stated that, “the offence is so serious because the defendant has a flagrant disregard for people and their property, it is aggravated because there was an offence at a hospital and is aggravated by the defendant’s record of offending.”