THE family of a 36-year-old father-of-four who died in a crash in Great Lever have paid a moving tribute to him.

Tariq Khan died yesterday evening after suffering fatal injuries in a crash in Green Lane.

This morning, cousin Wahid Khan together with Tariq's heartbroken father, placed flowers at the scene in memory of the 36-year-old, who was described as having a 'big heart'.

"Tariq's father wanted to put down flowers, and buying those flowers was the hardest thing I have ever had to do," said Wahid, "We are all devastated and in shock."

He added: "Yesterday at 7pm his eldest child, who is 12, said 'where is dad, he is never late'. He had told them he was coming home at 7pm."

Tariq, the youngest of four children, was described as being much loved by all the family.

"We are a big family, and live close. We live across the road and grew up together ­— he was able to get away with more than us because he was the youngest ­— he was the cheeky one ­— and he was so caring.

"If anything happened he would be the first one there to help," said Wahid, who is 40.

Tariq attended Little Lever School and worked in the motoring trade before recently setting up his boxing gym. He was married with four children.

Wahid said: "He was a doting dad and did everything for them.

"He first opened Premier Boxing with me before setting up his own gym which we worked really hard, put a lot of effort in to do it. He was so proud, so many people came when the Mayor opened it.

"When the gym had to close because of the pandemic he used it to collect donations, he would do a lot for charity but on charity boxing events, helping the homeless. He had a very big heart."

Wahid said the family had been contacted by hundreds of people across the country following the tragic death.

He said: "We are such a close family and we are heartbroken."