A COUPLE have recorded a special version of the Clapping Song to raise money for NHS Charities Together.

Kathy Brierley and her partner, Adrian Peddie, have been recording and releasing their songs for the last year as Synchromental.

The duo were approached by Bolton man, Philip Macdougall, to record the special track.

Mr Macdougall said: "A few weeks ago I went outside to clap and I was a bit lonely, I was very disappointed because no one else came out.

"The week after, I did a bit of scheming so I took my big bluetooth speaking out and played a video of some clapping and I clapped with them.

"When I was going to bed that night I was singing the Clapping Song to myself and I realised you could easily make an NHS version of it.

"When the original came out you could be walking through the kitchen or your garden and someone would say the first line to you and everyone would start doing it because it's so infectious.

"It's such a good time for it, we all need the boost and it's for such a good cause."

Kathy, who works for the NHS, had to ask her youngest daughter to record the video in the space behind her home.

The trio hope to see the song go viral to raise money for NHS staff.

Visit syncromental.co.uk to watch the video and to donate to the song's campaign.