ONE more person has died at Royal Bolton Hospital after contracting coronavirus.

Figures released by NHS England this afternoon confirmed that the death of another patient on Friday had been linked to coronavirus, taking the day's today coronavirus deaths to two.

At least 191 people have now died in the borough's hospital after contracting covid-19, although this may rise as some positive results can be received days after the patient's death.

Figures do not include deaths in the community, such as those in care homes, where at least 56 deaths in Bolton have been linked to covid-19.

NHS England also announced 178 new deaths of people who tested positive for covid-19, bringing the total number of confirmed reported deaths in hospitals in England to 23,150.

As of 9am yesterday morning, 215,260 people across the UK had tested positive for covid-19, with 881 cases of the virus confirmed in the borough.