An architectural firm at the heart of the community is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month.

Good & Tillotson, based on Chorley Old Road, have been serving the area for 40 years. The firm was founded on May 1, 1980 by Bob Good and John Tillotson.

Currently the team are all working at home so any plans to celebrate have been put on hold until later in the year.

Now, the practice's current directors Kieran Crossey and Russell Woods are excited to see where the business will be going next.

Mr Woods said: "Good &Tillotson have done lots of work in the Bolton area, we've worked with the Royal Bolton Hospital, Bolton Lads and Girls Club,and Bolton Hospice to name a few.

"We're very much a local practice who does work locally as well as the North West, and we want to keep doing that.

"We're starting to think of the future of the business and we're looking towards the next 20 to 25 years.

"The practice started with just two people, John and Bob in the 80s. I joined the firm in 1996 as an office junior, and Kieran joined in 2006 as an architecture student.

"The team's steadily grown throughout the years. At the moment we have eight to ten people in the practice. We're looking to expand but with the current situation at the moment, that's a bit difficult to plan while everyone's working at home.

"We want the business to continue to be successful and carry on working in the town.

"To celebrate the anniversary we'll plan an event around Christmas time, when life is hopefully back to normal, and invite past employees and clients in the area, with a drinks reception. We always intended doing something later in the year anyway.

"Its an industry which is constantly changing, especially with the use of technology, we're constantly adapting. It will change again in the future.

"Working from home is challenging, particularly in a creative industry where there's normally a lot of discussion taking place. But we're trying to rise to the current challenge, we're staying positive and hopeful for the future.

"Ultimately we work on buildings which benefit the area, we're proud to do work in Bolton. We have done work elsewhere, but we also want to keep serving the community."