A TEACHER from Bolton is proving education does not have to be limited by borders as she helps students thousands of miles away continue their university studies.­

Bolton School chemistry teacher, Dr Kristy Turner, who has appeared on BBC's Countryfile, answered an SOS call from students at the University of Abuja in Nigera after they were left without tuition when it closed because of lockdown measures.

The Bolton News:

Dr Turner, who also teaches at the University of Manchester, taught the students during the Easter holidays and is continuing to teach them in her own time.

She said: " I saw a tweet from a student in Nigeria who was reaching out to lecturers and teachers across the world to help his university class during the covid crisis.

"Universities in the UK were easily able to switch to online learning when closures happened however this isn't as easy in Nigeria where lectures are much more traditional in format. Although these are biology students, they had to take a course in organic chemistry this semester and this is the area I did my PhD in."

The Bolton News:

Dr Turner uses Zoom to teach the students. Lecturers from the USA and Edinburgh have also been teaching the students.

" I am privileged to have the knowledge and technology to do this easily," said Dr Turner, "Their commitment to their learning is humbling, these young people are viewing lectures on their mobile phones and writing notes in their notebooks. I can see their internet connections dropping in and out but they are still logging on everyday.

"The students have been incredibly appreciative. They have sent some really lovely tweets to say thank you."

The Bolton News:

She added: "As I am working full time from home I can't help out in the community during this crisis but I can use my skills to help out students all the way over in Nigeria. A class that is keen to learn is irresistible for anybody who teaches and I am humbled by the trust they placed in me.

" I do hope this is something positive to come out of the current crisis, education is best done collaboratively and with us all stuck in our fixed locations I think we have all learned more about how we can work together without being together. There is no reason why this can't go across borders as well."