Two more people have died with coronavirus at Royal Bolton Hospital.

Figures released by NHS England this afternoon confirmed that the deaths of two patients on Tuesday had been linked to covid-19.

At least 195 people have now died with the virus at the borough's hospital, although this may rise as some positive results can be received days after the patient's death.

Figures do not include deaths which may have occurred outside hospitals, such as in care homes, where at least 66 deaths in Bolton have been linked to covid-19.

For the first time, NHS England has also published information about the pre-existing conditions present in patients who died with covid-19.

A quarter of deaths in English hospitals occurred in patients with diabetes, whilst almost a fifth had dementia.

Almost 15 per cent of patients who died since March 31 had chronic pulmonary disease, whilst seven per cent had asthma.

NHS England said the data may not be completely accurate as it relies on information given by healthcare providers, and some patients may have had more than one pre-existing condition.