THERE have been no more recorded coronavirus deaths at the Royal Bolton Hospital according to the latest figures released today by NHS England.

The number of people who have died at the hospital with the virus remains at 195 with five deaths occurring in the last week - among the lowest rate since the pandemic took hold.

However, the total could still rise as some Covid-19 deaths may need to be verified and the figure does not include deaths in the community linked to the illness or in care homes, where at least 66 Bolton residents have died.

In the North West a total of 3.720 people have died in hospitals with coronavirus while in English hospitals the figure now stands at 24,346.

The Office For National Statistics now states that 904 people in Bolton have tested positive for Covid-19, a rate of 318.6 per 100,000.

The ONS estimates that nationally, between April 27 and May 10 148,000 people, or 0.27 percent of the population, excluding people in hospitals, care homes or other institutions, were infected with Covid-19.

The figure rises to 1.33 percent for people working directly with patients in hospital or residents in care homes.