For the first time, NHS England has published information about the pre-existing conditions present in patients who died with covid-19.

A quarter of deaths in English hospitals occurred in patients with diabetes, whilst almost a fifth of patients had dementia.

Almost 15 per cent of patients who died since March 31 had chronic pulmonary disease, and seven per cent had asthma.

The new data also looks at people who have died from covid-19 after receiving treatment for a mental health condition, and those diagnosed with a learning disability or autism.

Five per cent of patients who died with coronavirus had a mental health condition, whilst two per cent had a learning disability or autism.

In mental health and learning disability inpatient services, 76 patients have died with covid-19.

Most of these deaths were recorded in acute older adult organic or functional services.

Included in these figures are 14 patients who died with the virus after being detained under the Mental Health Act.

NHS England said the data may not be completely accurate as it relies on information given by healthcare providers, and some patients may have had more than one pre-existing condition.