A MEMBER of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team has spoken up about the dangers of swimming in reservoirs.

The team are becoming increasingly concerned as the weather becomes warmer over the coming days that children and young people will be tempted to take a dip in the bodies of water.

However, even though this may seem like a good way to cool off, it is incredibly risky as the deeper water below the surface is incredibly cold.

Even strong swimmers can struggle in these temperatures as it can cause shock.

Mark Scott, assistant team leader at BMRT said: "We are really concerned about children who may want to swim in reservoirs right now as the weather gets warmer.

"It can be really misleading and people thing it's a good idea to go swimming. There's a warm layer of water near at the surface of the water, however, underneath this the water is ice cold.

"This can be extremely dangerous and can lead to drowning, the cold water can lead to shock.

"We're asking parents if they can talk to their children and tell them not to swim in reservoirs.

"Please explain the risks to them as swimming in reservoirs is not a safe thing to do."