A MOTORIST desperate to escape police took to driving along a footpath along a high school, say officers.

Greater Manchester Police's Traffic pursued a Renault Captur last night in Breightmet.

Police said: "The driver took a variety of routes, including at one point the entire footpath beside the high school."

The car was abandoned on a driveway and two of the three occupants were detained, said police.

The car was seized and enquiries are ongoing.

The incident was one of a number traffic officers dealt with yesterday.

The Bolton News:

(Picture @GMPTraffic)

A driver of a VW Golf was arrested. Police said he was driving over the speed limit on Brownlow Way and under the influence of drugs.

Posting the details on its Twitter page, GMP Traffic said: "We get asked how do we know which cars to stop ­— sometimes they just come and find us.

"The driver of was driving at twice the speed limit on Brownlow Way, with a bald tyre and under the influence of cannabis ­— all in front of a traffic car."

The Bolton News:


A biker was stopped on Bury Road, Bolton after officers said he pulled "a wheelie" in front of them.

Posting the details on social media, police said: "If you're going to show off on your new motorbike, try not to pull a wheelie in front of 2 marked traffic cars like the rider of this Honda did on Bury Road Bolton.

"TOR (traffic offence report) issued and warned under section 59 police reform act."