THE rate of Covid-19 related deaths in Bolton care homes is falling, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics today.

From the beginning of the outbreak until May 8 74 people living in care homes in the borough have died with Covid 19.

The first incidences of coronavirus recorded at Bolton care homes occurred in the week ending April 10 when eight people lost their lives with the virus.

Roughly a third of deaths which have occurred Bolton care homes since the outbreak began are related to coronavirus as, over the same period 160 people died in the homes for other reasons.

However, the coronavirus death rate is slowing.

In the week ending on May 8 nine people died with Covid-19 in the area’s care homes, fewer than half the number who died the previous week when 19 people lost their lives and at the peak of the death rate in the week ending April 24 when 24 people died.

Nationally 9,980 coronavirus related deaths in care homes have been registered up until May 8. In the week ending on May 8 1,666 died with the virus, compared to 2,423 the previous week – a drop of 31 percent.

Coronavirus outbreaks have been reported in almost four in 10 care homes in England, according to Downing Street.

Today’s figures from the Office for National Statistics also show that, in addition to the 74 people who died in Bolton care homes with coronavirus, a further 150 people died with the virus in hospital, seven in the hospice, five at home and two elsewhere.

The Office for National Statistics’ figures are based on the deaths registered. Differences in the time it takes to register a death mean that the ONS figures for hospital deaths appear lower than those released more quickly by NHS England.